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We understand that direct mail can sometimes be confusing.

If you need help or guidance in planning your direct mail program and you are looking for options, fell free to contact one of our customer service representatives by e mail or phone.

We will be happy to discuss alternatives.

You can also  In brief, Here are the LocalMailMax℠ options:

Shared Mail (Marriage Mail)  -A low cost Direct Mail Option:

Best for: Large quantities, larger pieces, and regularly scheduled flyers like sale circulars.
Cost: Least expensive approach because each mailer is bundled with pieces from other advertisers and costs are shared.
Addresses: Are simplified and mailing lists and permits are not necessary.
Design: Can be tailored to your needs and is included.

Every Door Direct Mail

Best for: Tightly targeted, smaller quantities and more unique communications.
Cost: Still economical but delivered individually to households.
Addresses: Are still simplified and mailing lists are not necessary. Depending upon the quantity, permits may not be required.
Can be customized and is included.

Custom Direct Mail :

Best for: More specific targeting with internal mailing lists or using acquired demographic information. Mailing lists may need to be purchased.
Cost: Still economical but delivered individually to specific households. Mailing permits are required.
Addresses: Mailing lists have been previously collected or may need to be purchased.
Design: Can be commissioned and may be included

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